Supporting the World’s Best Circus!

We’ve always been proud supporters of Circus Star –  a professional touring circus that provides free seats for thousands of disadvantaged, disabled or vulnerable children through a 75 venue tour hosted three times a year.

First founded in 1987, this not-for-profit organisation now provides over £1.3 million worth of free tickets to children, their families and community groups throughout the UK every year. Together with other businesses and charities, our donations enable thousands of children to attend these free shows and escape to the circus for a few hours to be part of its magic.

Dubbed the ‘happiest circus in the world’ it brings together the most overlooked groups and hardest to reach families in communities. Mexican clown Chico Rico provides a break from constant hospital appointments; or a welcoming space for a child and their new carer to bond; or a friendly place for an autistic child to immerse themselves in a new experience.

Circus StarEvery child, whatever their needs or background, is free to be themselves at the shows and as Circus Starr’s Director Neville Wilson explains, “Children dancing in the aisles or shouting out is all part of the experience. It is important carers relax and enjoy this shared family time and don’t feel judged.”

The charity Young People and Children First stated: “Our children have had a very troubled start to their lives, with few opportunities for fun, laughter  and outings…We just had to look at the sheer excitement on all their faces to tell how much they enjoyed it and what it meant to them.”

Circus Star really is a social enterprise putting children and families first and we’re grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community. We agree with Circus Star when they say ‘being happy and having fun is not a privilege, it’s a right for every child.’