Solar PV

How It Works

How it works - Solar PV
  1. Sunuser Module
  2. DC Isolation Switch
  3. DC/AC Inverter
  4. AC Isolation Switch
  5. Meter
  6. AC Isolation Switch
  7. Consumer Unit
  8. AC Power
  • The A Grade PV modules Sunuser provide convert energy from the sun, via chemical reactions to electricity.

  • Cables from the modules transfer the Direct Current (DC) electricity to an inverter, which converts it to Alternating Current (AC).

  • The AC then passes through a meter to measure the kWh of electricity generated. This electricity is then available to power appliances within the property exactly as normal grid generated electricity would do.

  • Surplus electricity will automatically be exported back into the national grid.

Each ‘A’ Grade Sunuser PV System is individually designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials to deliver
maximum generation and savings.