• “The Sunuser Twin Water Softener has been problem free. The main reason for me investing in a water softener was a major leak in one of my water tanks and all the joints spurring up due to hard water. I’ve noticed a marked improvement since it’s been installed and am glad that I’m ensuring the best possible efficiency of my water heating system.”

    Mr Tyler, Argyll

  • “I’m really pleased with my Sunuser Twin Water Softener. The water feels much softer, soap lathers more and my heating system is more efficient.  I’m 100% satisfied!”

    Mr Taylor, Norfolk

  • “The water felt so different particularly when I had a bath. And then I began to notice that my psoriasis, which I’ve had since I was seven, was improving – it was as though the soft water was healing it.”

    Pat, Oxfordshire

  • “I’m very pleased with my water softener. The key thing for me is that I wanted a water softener that was convenient and met my needs. We now have what we wanted: soft water.”

    Martin, Oxfordshire